Please read below to hear what members have to say about the benefits of membership in the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.


Please read below to hear what members have to say about the benefits of membership in the Academy of Dental Management Consultants.

Consistent Opportunities

"I joined ADMC for the opportunities it consistently gives me to self-direct my own career and professional development. The organization provides options throughout the year and at its annual meeting to network with peers, learn about the dental industry, and enhance my knowledge and skills."
Bonnie Pugh of Practice Dynamics
Thank You for the Exposure

"I had a Dr. from a town just 5 minutes from my home that was looking for a consultant and searched the ADMC site. I did a complimentary observation for her and sat with her and her husband to review the findings and recommendations last Thursday. She signed the agreement and forwarded her payment today. Thank you for that exposure. I hope it is being helpful to all!"
Theresa Narantic of Clue Dental Marketing
Relevant Input & Colleagues' Referrals

"ADMC has been a valuable resource to me since joining in 1999. I find the annual meeting and our audio newsletters to be chock full of relevant information immediately applicable to my work with clients. The pool of talent among the members is amazing! You can get colleagues' input to any issue you ask about via an email out to the membership. ADMC is also a place to receive referrals for consulting/coaching work and to refer your clients for special needs that support the work you do with them."
Kathleen O’Donnell of Jameson Management
Establishing Relationships & Meeting Experts

"When I attended my first ADMC meeting, I was able to connect face-to-face with one of our industry’s icons, Linda Miles. The meeting allowed me to further establish existing relationships, and meet experts like Katherine Eitel Belt—all of which has already benefited myself and my clients via new resources. If you are new to the business, or well-established and want to expand your friendships, mentors and mix with leadership galore, then the ADMC is the right group for you."
Rita Zamora of Rita Zamora Connections
Very Helpful Feedback

"I am excited to receive so much great information as a benefit of my membership. It is amazing that issues my clients are expressing and are working through are the same as others' challenges. Feedback through member responses is very helpful as well as incredibly timely."
Carole Lape of Jameson Management

A 'Must Belong' Organization

"I have been a member of ADMC since 1997, and consider it to be a ‘must belong’ organization for anyone who is actively involved in dental management consulting or speaking. ADMC members represent a broad and highly skilled group of industry professionals, all of whom bring unique expertise and ability to ADMC and its members. The opportunity to network and broaden my own speaking and consulting horizons is enormously valuable to me, as is the support and professional visibility the group offers all its members. If you are not a member, I encourage you to considering joining - today!"

Virginia Moore of Moore Practice Results
Prestigious & Forward-Thinking

"I feel very fortunate to be a long-time member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants. This is an organization with a clear and stated purpose, and one in which every member can take pride: to represent the 'best of the best' in dental management consulting, speaking and related fields. I am proud to have had the opportunity to serve this prestigious and forward-thinking group, and would encourage anyone who is involved in the dental management arena to consider becoming a member as well."
Debbie Castagna of Castagna Coaching