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Improving the healthcare experience for providers and their patients. Solutionreach is 100 percent focused on providing the technology, and the expertise on how to effectively use it, to deliver better care and build a more profitable practice. We did it first, and after nearly 20 years, we’re continuing to lead the way.We show practices how to improve the patient experience and connect with patients in the way they want to connect. The result? More patients schedule more appointments and actually show up for them. More patients leave glowing reviews of their providers for others to see, and then they book appointments. And all patients get regular communications that keep them connected to the practice and coming back.

But we can’t do it alone. Each practice we work with has to be “all-in”. When practices commit to working with us, we bring all the experience we’ve gained working with 52,000 other practices to the entire process, whether it’s that first welcome email or a practice check-in five years down the road.

If a practice is willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work on making patients happier and healthier, then we’re the right partner. If a practice is ready to start growing and increasing revenue hand over fist, then we’re the right partner. To learn more about whether or not we’re the right partner, schedule a personalized zoom meeting with jacquelyn@solutionreach.com. She would love to educate you on how we have been a patient relationship tool for many years. 

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Jacquelyn Hurley is the Business Development Manager at Solutionreach, the leader in patient engagement solutions and innovation. She has helped Dental and Medical practices for the past 10 years with their success strategy of utilizing Solutionreach to the fullest. The favorite part of her job is maintaining relationships with partners, key opinion leaders, influencers, and thought leaders. She is the mother to 4 adult children, 3 Adult In-law children, and 6 of the cutest little grandkids you have ever seen.

If you would like to learn what sets Solutionreach apart, please schedule some time to chat!


Provider Testimonials

"I can say that SR Conversations is the best feature from Solutionreach, The other company had text messaging, but it didn't pop up on the screen when a message came in and it didn't show the texts that have gone out or message history. I can pull up any patient to look at anything and follow up. Patients don't have to repeat themselves. I can see every interaction. And I love emojis, so I can end with a smiley face. That's how I roll. 🙂  It's invaluable! If a patient chips a tooth, they can text me a picture. With that, I know right away if it is an emergency, and how much time to schedule."

–Lori Selof
Office Manager at Eugene Levine, DDS

"What Solutionreach has...WORKS, and that makes a big difference! It's easier to use, and the staff and patients like it.  If someone else is thinking about switching, I would suggest they talk to Solutionreach first and make sure they are using all the features available to them because we found that Solutionreach does have all the features you need." 

–Wendy Nevid, Office Manager
Mark Nevid D.D.S.

"People are just more likely to read a text! We've had a really good response since we started using Sr Conversations! Now when someone responds that they can't make it, we can text back and offer times to reschedule. They respond and we get a new appointment set up.  It's fast and easy. I like the stability and predictability of Solutionreach. We have had very few problems, and customer service is very responsive when there is an issue. The performance of the software is great!"

–Dr. Eric Nease
Orthodontist and practice owner

"Before Solutionreach, every person in our office had a list of patients who were due for appointments and we would each try to contact five patients every day. Now the recall messages are being sent out automatically and a lot of patients are scheduling appointments from those messages." Now I can see our schedule is filled with far more recall appointments than it used to be."

–Tanya Mazur
Treatment Coordinator at Citrus Heights Dental

"Solutionreach is a lifesaver, I feel like I would be drowning without it. It takes care of some of those daily tasks that sometimes get put on the back burner when I've got so many other things to stay on top of.  With Solutionreach, I don't even have to think about them.  They're just done."

–Sjana Williams
Office Manager at Eagle Gate Dental