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Our dentists are typically successful practices for several years before they discover Smile Source. At Smile Source, we help you take your practice to the next level by bringing you practice development and educational opportunities, industry-leading marketing strategies, and unsurpassed buying power within the industry. 

Practice & Professional Development Tools
A multi-functional team that is dedicated to your practice from day one.  

  • Staff training to leverage the Smile Source experience
  • Ongoing communications through newsletters and regional and national meetings

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  • Unsurpassed Buying Power - Smile Source is able to offer high-quality products at a lower cost due to our network's purchasing power.
  • Marketing Support - Smile Source provides strategic marketing and branding tools, best practices, and a support team.
  • Continuing Education - Smile Source brings together the dental industry's top educators to help you learn about the latest tools and techniques to improve your practice.
  • Collaborative Practice Management - Grow your practice with the support of peers within your local market who understand your unique challenges.


"Smile Source is my dental family beyond my office. These are the dentists I lean on when I have trouble. These are the dentists I lean on for support and advice. We don’t have to go through this alone."

—Dr. Adam Kimowitz

"I think Smile Source stands for the preservation of independent dentistry and the excellent care we can give our patients, and I’ve very happy to be a member of Smile Source."

—Dr. Paige Lester

"It allows you to remain confident in your ability to remain independent. It allows us to keep some of our costs under industry levels and keep our overhead low, but it allows us to exist in an environment where we can talk to each other and learn figure out best common practices."

—Dr. Jordan Brunson

"Smile Source allows my office to compete in the ever-changing environment that exists in dentistry today. And through the power of numbers, we’re able to work with vendors, do marketing and get continuing education, while maintaining our independence."

—Dr. Gary Radz

"For another peer – someone who’s gone to dental school – to look at your work and say ‘hey, that’s really nice work,” this is the kind of support that I’ve gotten from Smile Source, which has ended up being more important than the discounts or the perks we get from Smile Source. It’s revitalized my career."

—Dr. Mark Spector

"They have some of the best vendors in the country who are giving me deals that I couldn’t get on my own. There’s people who just want to help you succeed. I’m not out there by myself trying to fight the tide winds."

—Dr. Dean Hutto


Jamie Cassidy
Vice President of Business Development and Member Support

Jamie entered the healthcare industry in 2001. For the past seventeen years, she has held several significant corporate leadership roles, including having worked with Vision Source.  She is a highly energetic and driven sales leader who thrives on the challenge of crafting positive changes. Effectively training others in leadership, talent management, and culture development are some of her strengths.  Her passion and tenacity have earned her the description of “relentless” on more than several occasions.

Jamie resides in northern New Jersey with her husband, two children, and two dogs.  When she’s not attending a football, volleyball, or dance event she can be found at the beach.

Tom Allmon
Director of Vendor Relations

Tom Allmon is the Director of Vendor Relations at Smile Source and strives to bring value to the membership and to their vendor partners.  Tom has a successful background in sales and credits his success to hard, honest work.  His strengths are most evident when he can help others, fix problems, or find creative solutions. 

Tom believes the key to exceptional dentistry is dependent upon the future of independent dentistry. 

Dentistry has supported Tom and his family for the better part of 20 years.  He has worked for small and large leading dental brands like Oral-B and Nobel Biocare in various positions.   A self-proclaimed jack of all trades, master of none, Tom is an avid skier both on the snow and the water.  He enjoys working with his hands building a cabinet or working on a car but his real passion is spending time with his family - preferably in Maui.