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Article: The Dreaded, “Why do I have to pay?”

01/12/16 - By Admc Admin

As published in AADOM News

How to answer your patients’ most common dental insurance questions.

By Jan Keller

Regardless of your practice philosophy regarding insurance management, you are bound to have heard this kind of statement from patients many times in the past.

Helping your patients understand their dental benefits and, more importantly, what they are and are not responsible for paying themselves, is a difficult task. After all, even dental professionals are often confused about what insurance carriers will and will not pay for and the seemingly endless changes that take place year after year. (Translation: insurance carriers paying less and less while asking for more and more from the dental provider.)

What is important to communicate to patients, however, is that if prescribed treatment is in their best interest, insurance coverage should be looked at as benefit and not as the reason for declining or delaying needed care. 


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