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Xaña Winans

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Xaña Winans is Golden Proportions Marketing’s Owner, President, resident visionary, and lead strategist. Married to an accomplished cosmetic and restorative dentist for over 25 years, she brings decades of real world experience to dental marketing, ensuring that the marketing solutions she and her team develop are both creative and easy for dental offices to execute.

As one of the industry’s most sought-after dental marketing consultants, Xaña collaborates with her team on a diverse group of clients to create strategic marketing and advertising solutions backed by measurable results. Her passion for dentistry is evident in the work that she does, and in the award-winning products GPM produces to help their client's practices thrive.

Her company, Golden Proportions Marketing, provides turnkey solutions for private practices, group practices and small to midsize DSO's. Client services include strategic planning, branding, internal communications, advertising, social media, websites and digital marketing of all kinds. All strategies are backed by detailed tracking and reporting to ensure a profitable ROI for all clients.

Xaña has been guest faculty at LVI and the Pankey Institute, and is an invited speaker for some of dentistry’s biggest conventions and study groups as a recognized expert and international speaker on dental marketing.

You can reach Xaña (pronounced Zahn-ya, though she responds to every variation) by email at xana@goldenproportions.com or at the office, 570-742-5656.



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