Travis Rodgers - Member of Academy of Dental Management Consultants ADMC

DrDDS Innovations
Chandler, AZ 85248

(800) 596-0133

Travis Rodgers

Industry Member since 2019

Travis consults with dental practices on how to increase and better manage referrals and implement new technologies. Travis and his team at DrDDS, have built over 18 dental software programs and launched over 150 products for many of the top brands in the dental industry. His innovative software company providing custom software that works alongside dental practice management software, to automate many other practice management activities, making them more efficient and positively impacting the bottom line for dental offices. Travis also runs a non-profit called Donate Dentist.


Business / Financial


Digital Records / Recordkeeping

Medical-Dental Collaboration


Practice Analysis



Treatment Planning/ Presentation

Website Design/ Optimization

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