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Robert (Bob) Spiel

Member since 2013

A passion for legendary patient care, exceptional leadership and self-driven teams is what brought Bob Spiel to dentistry. There are two paths for entering into this industry: either you find dentistry or dentistry finds you. Bob’s journey was dentistry found him as he was consulting in medicine. After serving as a hospital CEO and Surgical Center CEO, and then successfully consulting medical practices, a good friend and senior dental consultant invited Bob to join him on a consultation – and that is when Bob fell in love with dentistry over 10 years ago.

Since then, Bob’s firm, Spiel Consulting, champions the principle that “Ideas Don’t Create Change…Ownership Does”. With this as the foundation, His firm guides dentists, and their teams, to discover, own, and then act on the answers that transform a practice and make it a leader in their area. This is achieved by listening, analyzing, benchmarking, observing and building trust among the entire team while bringing best practices brought from years of outside industry experience to the forefront to help practices go from “stuck” to “un-stuck”. Spiel Consulting does not employ a “one size fits all” approach, but customizes their training and coaching to ensure discovery, commitment and lasting change.

Gaining clarity on what is needed now, and what is needed next, and then coaching, training and holding accountable to those goals is key to raising performance, profitability, and enjoyment levels. In the end, Bob helps practices shift from high stress, high turnover and low productivity, to lower stress, low turnover and much higher productivity and rewards.

Bob is the author of the recently published book: Flip Your Focus: Igniting People, Performance and Profits through Upside-down Leadership (

He has also published in Dental Economics, Dental Entrepreneur, AGD Impact, AADOM Observer, the Progressive Dentist, and Efficiency in Group Practice. He was the keynote speaker at the CareStream Users meetings, has spoken numerous times at the Hinman and has been one of the featured speakers at the AADPA, AADOM, numerous state meetings, and will be speaking at Chicago Mid-Winter in 2020.

He and his bride Judene have 6 children, 13 grandchildren, and live in Utah.


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