Rhonda Mullins

Member since 1996

Rhonda Gonano-Mullins

May 28, 1956-July 4, 2018

It was always evident when Rhonda was in the room. Whether it was her fashion style, her ebullient laughter or the light that seemed to emanate from within her, she would definitely be noticed.

Rhonda seemed to think faster than most people – which confused some folks and left others shaking their heads wondering, “What did she say?”. If you wanted to keep up with her entrepreneurial spirit and her forward thinking, you had better be prepared for an unforgettable ride. Rhonda was innovative and thought provoking. In fact, those words are understatements about her. She had “spunk” and “gumption”. She was brave- no - she was fiercely brave. Rhonda always seemed to be on fire about something – think Tasmanian Devil wearing Prada.

Before Rhonda was a dental consultant, she was a dental laboratory technician and owner, which she sold at age 28. She was a practice broker for AFTCO before she started her own consulting company. Her latest consulting focus was on practice transitions and working with solo practitioners who were moving into DSO models. She always went above and beyond for her clients – which included recruiting and hiring doctors and team members for start-up satellite practices and establishing standard operating procedures for their group practice models.

Among her many professional achievements, Rhonda was a graduate and member of the Kois Center and founding member of the Kois Atlanta Study Club. She was a Past President of the Georgia Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry and a very active member and Board Member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Rhonda was an adjunct professor at the Medical College School of Dentistry and on the Advisory Board for several dental companies and associations. She joined the ADMC in 1996.

Rhonda felt deeply connected to her spirituality and called upon many of her friends to be “Prayer Warriors” for her while she was struggling with her illness. She used her own inspiration and innovation to fight the disease that was stifling her and sought traditional and metaphysical treatment modalities to combat her disease. She also used her strength of will and sense of humor to extend her quality of life as long as possible.

In typical Rhonda fashion, she didn’t wallow or linger at her end. She continued to tell people that she was getting better – just needed to put on some weight so she could get stronger. This was her mantra just days before her last breath. Rhonda was lucid and smiling until her last earthly minute. It seemed as though the air was sucked from the earth for a moment after Rhonda’s death, and the light of the world flickered for an instant, until Heaven’s light suddenly had a brighter glow.

Rhonda impacted our industry and the people who knew her. She was an esteemed colleague, a loving sibling, and a dear friend with a loving heart and a feisty spirit. We are honored Rhonda was among the ranks of the ADMC.

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