Unitas PPO Solutions
518 E. Meadows Lane
Gilbert, AZ 85234


Mike Alder

Industry Member since 2018

Mike Alder is founder and President of Unitas Dental. After graduating as a collegiate athlete from the University of Utah, Mike briefly worked for and then acquired a medical device company. After 25 plus years owning and operating his medical device company, Mike's interest in the dental industry was sparked when his youngest son graduated from dental school and opened a practice in the state of California. While helping his son get started, Mike recognized the significant role dental insurance played in the financial success of a dental practice.

He subsequently founded Unitas Dental to help dental practices increase PPO revenue and effectively management PPO insurance participation. Unitas Dental has since worked with hundreds of Dentists and Dental Practices and been invited to speak at dental conventions, study clubs and business of dentistry events across the country on topics including dental insurance management, negotiating insurance reimbursements and optimizing in-network participation.



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