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Maria Melone

Member since 2016

When Maria founded MORR Dental Solutions in 2012 with like-minded and experienced CPAs, her business mission was the same as it is today—to help both individual dentists and dental groups navigate the often complex landscape of dental practice transactions and assist clients with all types of transitions.

Maria has an extensive knowledge of the dental industry and brings a wide breadth of skills to the table—particularly in valuation. As a Certified Valuation Analyst, she is an expert in helping clients understand what a dental practice is worth. She determines business value based on tangibles, such as equipment, actual cash flow and profitability. However, she also knows that the value of a practice should be greater than just the worth of the tangibles and that the business climate, market demand, and competition also factor into the equation. Detail-oriented and team-focused, Maria is a confident, effective negotiator with a strong track record of helping her clients close transactions and achieve the best possible outcomes.

Prior to founding MORR, Maria worked for American Dental Partners, Inc, in corporate development. During her 10 years with the firm, she facilitated nearly 100 transactions, ranging in size from $50,000 to $90,000,000. In the last 4 and ½ years of her tenure, she served as department director and was responsible for overseeing all aspects of the acquisition process, from lead generation to valuation to legal document negotiation and integration.

Maria holds a B.A. in Economics from Gettysburg College and a Master’s degree in Accountancy from Bentley College. She received her CPA license in 1998 and became a Certified Valuation Analyst in 2014.

Outside of work, Maria enjoys volunteering and serving as a Board Member for Sibling Connections, Inc., an organization that reunites siblings who were separated when placed in the foster care system.


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