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Kim Pinzini

Member since 2015

I bring 27 years of experience and expertise as a hygieneist, and a strategist for Solo, Large Group and Multi-Practice Models. As Past President and activist, my leadership has lead State Associations to greater influence and legislative changes in Tennessee. I am also licensed in Arizona and California. Currently residing in Arizona.

I have been highly sought after as a specialized periodontal hygienist, by my clients and their desire to reduce the “gap” between best practice standards and patient care delivery through their preventive department. My choice to focus on fine tuning my strategic approach as a consultant began in 1999. My experience, training and occasionally participating in daily practice with Dentists and their hygiene teams keeps me ‘savvy” about outcome results, metrics and patient satisfaction that translates into “people learn by experiencing more than listening.” The dental entrepreneur and team members who desire to develop their skills in communication, application of techniques and education through non-periodontal care and Periodontal Laser surgery embrace her contribution like no other! These industry leaders, have benefited by measuring a 20-35% of increased revenue and 10-15% insurance savings ( URC) through my training in communications, care delivery, documentation/coding and insurance narratives.

I completed my Periodontal Laser Certification in 2006, and I began to lecture and teach a hands-on course around the country on “The Integration and implementation of Laser Assisted Perio Therapy” in general dental practices. This elevated care delivery step gives patients the best and highest standard of care while increasing practice revenues substantially.

Being licensed in both Arizona and California , I have seen a variety of practices, from the best to possibly the worst practicing as a clinician.

I am a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry and also provide Diode Laser Training & Certification as an Instructor with PLH-Consulting.

With my expansive experience, I am equipped with the knowledge, skill, personality and support for any and all dental practices seeking to provide the highest standard of care for their patients while increasing the Hygiene Department’s revenues.

Joining the Academy and attending this years meeting was such an exciting experience and I look forward to participating in the future.


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