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Kevin Cumbus

Member since 2017

Kevin Cumbus is the Co-Founder and CEO of TUSK, the parent company of TUSK Partners and TUSK Brokerage. TUSK Partners offers Buy-Side and Sell-Side Advisory Services, Capital Solutions and Strategic Consultant in the Group Practice and DSO space. TUSK Brokerage is a multi-sided platform to facilitate the buying and selling of dental practices. TUSK Brokerage aims to decrease the friction, frustration + fees associated with selling a practice while increasing the transparency and awareness on the buyside.

After spending the first half of his career on Wall Street in finance and investment banking, Kevin has spent the last decade working in the business of dentistry. He began his dental career at the McGill & Hill Group where he valued and sold over 120 dental practices. He then joined Affordable Dentures (AD) in an Operations roles where he opened 11 de novo locations and aided in the acquisition of 9 locations. Over the course of his career at AD, he had P&L responsibility for $101MM of revenue. In 2015, Kevin built his own dental practice, MUNDO Dentistry, a 100% bi-lingual 9 operatory dental practice. Although this practice was a financial success (collecting over $1.4MM in its first full fiscal year), the knowledge he gained through the process is more valuable than any financial gain through the practice. By starting and operating a dental practice, Kevin learned firsthand the challenges, risks and rewards of practice ownership and management.


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