Sr. Account Manager and Manager of Consultant Relations at Trojan Professional Services, Inc
4410 Cerritos Avenue
Los Alamitos, Ca 90720

800-451-9723 ext. 6046

Jodie Pearson
Industry Member since 2017

Enjoying over 30 years in the industry, dentistry is her passion. At the start of her dental career, Jodie worked in a dental office that billed insurance first then sent statements after insurance paid. Without upsetting or losing patients, Jodie turned this around by teaching patients to pay at the time of service making a huge impact on cash flow. This being just one of the systems she implemented, Jodie learned from the best of the best. Attending countless conferences and bent on implementation, Jodie would later join Los Alamitos Dental Care as Office Manager. As Los Alamitos Dental Care, (LADC), acquired 3 additional practices, Jodie trained multiple patient bases, associates and team members to follow the guidelines and systems ultimately resulting in growth from $600K to $2.5M. This would not have been possible without the dedication, creativity, loyalty, and professionalism of Jodie Pearson. Jodie implemented and ran staff meetings, created a culture of accomplishment and fun, exacted the treatment plan presentation, found creative ways for patients to pay, managed collections and accounts receivables, created and defined scripts that encouraged patients to not only schedule but keep appointments, converted media generated referrals into patients of record, created a patient referral program that included some friendly employee competition. Los Alamitos Dental Care would also acquire a 4th dental practice apart from their own called Harbor Mesa Dental Care. Jodie was the leader in ensuring this practice followed in the footsteps of LADC. Due to her philosophy of work hard, play hard, Jodie has a great deal of fun while bringing success to those around her. When the need arose, Jodie was recommended by an experienced operator to fill an opening as Member Consultant for 1-800-DENTIST.

For what Jodie refers to as A wonderful 8-year stint, Jodie worked to coach and retain members who were unable to generate enough value from patient referrals and excelled in this challenging position. This is where Jodie learned people will focus on the negative and honed her skills at turning negatives into positives. Jodie continued to develop a keen understanding of how to influence practices and get them to a higher level of success through the implementation of front office systems providing tools for dental employees to help them shine. Fast forward to Trojan Professional Services where Jodie was recruited directly onto the executive team by Trojan’s CEO as Manager of Business Development in 2006. Jodie did not have a specific job description when hired, the CEO just knew he wanted her on board. Jodie soon reimagined the entire training department for the Dentifi, Benefit Service, Eligibility, and Managed Care services. Understanding that people thrive with ongoing support, her implementation of the 1st Year Follow Up soon increased client retention. Jodie has acquired the nickname of the company word-smith at Trojan and nothing marketing gets released without her approval. Working side by side with the CEO, she is involved in most areas of planning and decision making whether it be programming priorities, new vendor integrations, interdepartmental collaboration, general client relations and grievances, team training or team building. Jodie is the face of Trojan and designed Trojan’s current Consultant Relations Program.With the purpose of bringing people together then taking them under her wing, Jodie assigns herself as your personal contact creating a triangle of success for the client, the consultant, and Trojan. She has recently included vendor relations into her circle of success. Jodie’s current title is Manager of Practice Development and Consultant Relations. Jodie’s has a hard time sitting still and her latest adventure is the development of Seminars and Webinars with the focus on front office systems. Jodie’s skill set in practice management was, and is, unparalleled. She is confident, organized, and always on-point.

Jodie is someone who loves dentistry, genuinely cares about people, and is loyal to a vision and philosophy. She possesses a rare quality of combining firm professionalism with warmth, grace, and a sense of humor. It has been said that Jodie is steadfast and true. From creating and implementing front office systems to training dental associates to opening new practices, consulting for members of 1-800-DENTIST and coaching dental offices all across the country for Trojan Professional Services, Inc. Jodie has been in the forefront and is highly respected in the industry. She gives 150% of her time, mind and passion to her work. She is a thought leader, open to change and doing what is best for any organization she involves herself with.



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