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Jan Keller

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Janice Keller is an experienced dental practice management consultant who is recognized and respected by both peers and clients alike for her practical, down-to-earth, results-oriented consulting programs and services. She has 30-plus years of experience in dentistry, both clinically and as an Office Manager and Software Trainer, which she uses to provide her clients and their teams with high-quality, customized practice development and education.

During her career, Jan has made a positive impact on the success and profitability of dental practices throughout the United States, and is known for her passion to lead, teach, get results, serve her clients’ best interests and provide honest feedback and guidance.  

Jan is the author of a popular series of books and articles on Blind Spots in Dentistry™, and Forensic Hiring™, which can be read in some of the industry’s most prestigious journals, including Dr. Bicuspid, DentistryIQ and The Progressive Dentist. In addition to her on-site training and consulting services, Jan also offers clients a short-term, issue-specific, telephone-based consulting service known as Coffee Break Consulting™.

She is certified by Bent Ericksen & Associates in employee law compliance, and also certified by the Institute of Practice Management. She holds memberships in the prestigious Academy of Dental Management Consultants, the Speaking Consulting Network, the American Association of Dental Office Managers and the American Dental Assistants Association. She is a frequent speaker on U.S. and international dental platforms, where her enthusiasm and commitment to her audiences and her topics is clear.

“My work as a consultant is often personal and it is an honor to be allowed not only into someone’s practice, but into their lives. To all my clients, past and future, I applaud your accomplishments, understand your challenges, cheer you on, and celebrate your hard-earned success.”

She is a popular speaker on the dental circuit, and has spoken for audiences across the US and the UK.

Her message to Dentists & Meeting Planners:

“I am an expert on retention in the dental office. I absolutely believe it makes no sense to invest time and money to hire the right person, or attract the perfect patient, if you don’t have a plan to exceed their expectations so they can’t imagine working somewhere else or going to another dentist.

My two courses “Forensic Hiring” and “How to C your Way Clear to Outstanding Communication, Customer Service and Continuing Care” are both informative, upbeat and full of take-away tidbits for dentists and their teams.

I speak to dental study clubs and organizations across the United States & in England focusing on strategies to hire, train and retain the person who will fit the culture of the practice, and how to create a culture that embraces excellent communication and extraordinary patient service skills.

I want to speak for your organization, and bring this expertise to your audience.”


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