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Jan Keller

Full Member since 2005

Dental Practice Management Consultant Jan Keller is an expert on retention – of both team members and patients -- in the dental office.

Jan believes, “It makes no sense to invest time & money to hire the right person or attract the perfect patient if don’t have a way to exceed their expectations so they can’t imagine working somewhere else or going to another dentist.”

She also helps dentists navigate the difficult and time-consuming task of finding and hiring top-rate teams. She takes this knowledge and insight on the road with her popular courses, “Forensic Hiring™” and “How to C Your Way Clear to Outstanding Communication, Customer Service and Continuing Care.” Both are informative, upbeat and full of take-away tidbits for dentists and their teams.

In 2020, Jan joined forces with other like-minded dental industry experts to help dental practices reach new levels of success via a new consulting program, DIY Digital Dental Consulting: In Your Office, In Your Time, In Your Own Way. The program is aimed at practices that are not working with a consultant or coach, but still need affordable, practical solutions to common practice issues.

Jan is the author of a series of books and articles for dental professionals called "Blind Spots in Dentistry™, and serves on the Board of the prestigious Academy of Dental Management Associates as Board Secretary. You can find her e-book, “Forensic Hiring: Make Your Next Hire a Great Hire” in Amazon’s Kindle library.


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