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Davy Clay

Industry Member since 2019

Davy Clay is an Expert Dental Billing Consultant with 10+ years experience working in the dental billing and dental insurance industry. His passion is helping dentists and their staff to realize and change the inefficient, inexperienced, and sometimes illegal billing practices taking place within dental practices.

With an Insurance degree from University of Georgia and MBA from Georgia Southern University, Davy founded Dental ClaimSupport in 2012 after working for Howard Family Dental as the Head of the Billing Department running the insurance billing for the group's eight practices.

Dental ClaimSupport is one of the nation's leading Dental Billing companies helping dental practices across America increase collections from insurance. Using the DCS system Davy created, Dental ClaimSupport transforms the way dental practices manage insurance collections, as well as making the practices more efficient in getting claims paid.

Davy is also the creator and Moderator for a Facebook Group entitled "Dental Billing Support Group," and you can also check out his podcast on iTunes entitled "Dental Billing Support Podcast."


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