Cindy Ishimoto Consulting Inc.
314 Ekoa Place
Wailuku, HI 96793


Cindy Ishimoto
Full Member since 1997

Cindy Ishimoto is passionate about cultivating self-directed leaders, her audiences learn that they CAN make a change and grow as professionals and leaders. Cindy Ishimoto's love of people and dentistry enable her to share with audiences and consulting clients her enthusiasm to build successful-people oriented practices. 

With 35 years of speaking experience and dental consulting in all types of practices she is well known for her expertise in the business, financial management, motivational and team building systems of the practice.

Cindy’s enthusiasm, expertise and energy make her one of the most influential speakers and consultants in dentistry today. Cindy understands that repetition is the key to learning, and her creative presentations ensure this happens. Cindy’s audiences enjoy her informal and motivational style leaving her lectures with renewed passion for the profession of dentistry

Cindy is an active member of ADMC, AADOM, and the ADAA. Cindy has been named a Consulting Leader by Dentistry Today from 2006-2018.


Business / Financial

Case Acceptance


Customer Service

Frontline Skills

Group Practice

Insurance / Collections


Strategic Planning

Team Development

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