Cherrie Hein

Hein Dental Practice Mentoring, LLC
10076 S. Stratford Place
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126


Cherrie Hein

 Associate Member since 2017

Cherrie refers to herself as a Dental Practice Mentor. Her passion is working with new practice owners in business development. Her professional knowledge is the intersection of her experience as a dental hygienist and office manager, with her academic studies. Cherrie holds a Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration and Management. Her degree includes a Fraud Prevention specialty. She promotes quality and profitability by bringing order to an organization’s systems. She believes in strategic planning, outcome management, and inspiring confidence in leadership. This is accomplished by the application of sound fiscal principals, establishing good employment policies and promoting creative problem solving while giving consideration to quality of life issues.


Customer Service

Embezzlement / Fraud


Practice Management

Practice Transitions

Strategic Planning

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