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Carole L. Lape

Member since 2009

Carole Lape has had a successful career in business ownership and management spanning over 28 years before entering into dental practice management 15 years ago. Carole knows firsthand what needs to be done to be successful as a senior level manager as well as a co-owner responsible for profit and loss, profit margins, reduced costs of operations and increased market share. Carole’s proven record has been developed through years of study and her practical hands on involvement evolved from a very balanced foundation of business expertise.

Having been a part of a self-employed husband and wife team, Carole also understands the importance of teamwork and the impact on the bottom line. Now, as a full time Business Consultant and Executive Coach, she teaches practices how to pull together diverse group of individuals as well as many proven techniques of how to leverage the leadership strengths of a husband / wife team to meet their own business goals.

Carole holds a bachelor’s degree in business and advertising design from Kendall at Ferris State University and has an Executive Coaching certification from the Professional School of Psychology.


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