Candice Martin Consulting
San Jose, California


Candice Martin

Member since 2019

Efficiency expert Candice Martin simplifies practice systems and protocols making them easy for dental teams to apply. Candice got her start in dentistry as a 16-year old file clerk. In the 30+ years since that time, she has worked in nearly every position in a dental office. The knowledge and skills gained through these hands-on experiences enable Candice to expertly guide dental teams to their next level of success.

Candice has researched, developed, and implemented systems that can help any practice improve and achieve a healthier vision and trajectory. Her unique energy and personable nature enable dental teams to shed unproductive routines and worn-out systems. With Candice’s strategic guidance, teams lighten their load, generate confidence with patients and reward the practice with revenue. She is passionate about helping dental professionals find both personal and professional growth.


Practice Management

Practice Analysis




Team Development


Customer Service

Insurance / Collections

Treatment Planning / Presentation

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