Brenda McNulty
Brenda McNulty, ADMC member

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Brenda McNulty

Full Member

Brenda McNulty has over 27 years of dental experience and is currently an Efficiency and Profitability Coach for Support DDS. She brings a depth of knowledge from both the clinical and the business side of dentistry. Brenda’s expertise is helping teams work smarter not harder by simplifying the everyday tasks that occur in dental practices. She creates increased profitability by establishing systems for practices that focus on the talents of each team member. Prior to accepting the position with Support DDS, Brenda has provided dental coaching with consulting and has been seen speaking on her expertise from the podium at several major dental events. Her passion for the dental profession continues to propel her forward as a key expert for dentists and teams looking to pursue more successfully their ideal practice vision.

Outside of dentistry, Brenda’s passion is her faith, family, giving back and volunteering. She has 5 children and one grandson who calls her Nana. Brenda is very active with veteran’s organizations especially the Navajo Code Talkers from World War II. She has been one of the organizers of Navajo Code Talker Day since 2006 and is proud to have been declared an honorary Navajo by the Navajo Code Talker Association. Brenda McNulty is also the Chairman of the Board for the Smile Foundation, a Non-Profit Missions program bringing dentistry to children in Mexico.


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