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Ben Shaver

Industry Member since 2018

Ben Shaver is the founder of Dental Inbound, a marketing group that combines dental consultants with advertising professionals. Ben is one of the few people in the dental marketing space with an advertising background. Before focusing solely on dental, he worked in print, TV, and started an advertising agency in 2005. His focus has always been to help local businesses build their brand in the community they serve.

Ben works with group and individual practices in several ways:

1. Advertising: He works on developing patient profiles in each area by researching the market. These strategies are used to develop comprehensive media campaigns that bring in new patients now! He feels the goal should be to bring in new patients through advertising, create a great patient experience, and turn those patients into referrals.

2. Patient Experience: While most marketers are focused on just the advertising, Ben develops communication strategies to talk to patients on a more personal level. As a DISC certified trainer, he helps teams become stronger with their patient communication skills. This leads to a great experience for new patients and helps them become an advocate for their practice. This approach of combining consulting with advertising, has helped his clients accomplish numerous milestones in their practices. Many of Ben’s clients have doubled revenue growth, opened additional locations, and increased treatment planning percentages by 30% or more. Most importantly they have built out referral practices that don’t rely as much on marketing.



Conflict Resolution

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Social Media

Speaking (Public)

Team Development

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