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Adriana Booth

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Adriana Booth is a Lead Practice Coach based in Columbus Ohio. She partners with dentists and their teams to cultivate leadership skills, create healthy cultures, increase practice growth and streamline business practices. 

With over two decades in the dental industry and a BS in Dental Hygiene from West Liberty University/ O’Hehir University, Adriana brings a wide range of experiences and skills to her coaching practice. She is a dental hygienist, practice coach/ consultant, sponsor relations coordinator and life coach. Her dedication to practice management and coaching is palpable and evident in her clientele, working with her clients for multiple years at a time. 

Adriana continues to be a member of multiple Seattle Study clubs and her core value of "Give Back" is fulfilled by volunteering at the Stowe Center (a community dental clinic) and working with Out of Darkness, where she focuses on writing for magazines and attending events to educate others in the fight against human trafficking. 

When she is not on-site working with clients, she enjoys being outside participating in a variety of fitness activities, reading a great book and at the top of her list, loving on her two 100+ lb fur babies.




Dental Hygiene

Emotional Intelligence


Practice Analysis

Practice Management

Team Development

Training Skills

Treatment Planning/  Presentation

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