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Meeting Planners

This website will be an incredibly valuable tool for you!

The Academy of Dental Management Consultants is an organization of dentistry's top professional service providers, authors, and speakers.

Our members go through a very strict application/review/approval process prior to becoming members.

On this website, you have direct access to communicate with our members. You can also view/retrieve their most recent published articles, their most recent video presentations, bios, program outlines, lecture objectives, and their most recent podcasts. After your review, if you believe their presentation is a good fit for your meeting - just connect with them through this website!

You can choose not to create a username and login on our site. With this option, you would visit as often as you like to browse for any updates. But that might be time consuming for you.

So, we have made it easier and more efficient for you.

On this website, if you create an account, you can:

  • Subscribe to categories that matter to you
  • Easily browse members and content
  • Receive notifications via email when new content is posted as often or as little as you want

The end result?

150 of dentistry's top professional speakers sending YOU updates to their speaking programs! This should make being a meeting planner and planning your next event, a LOT easier!

Click Here to create your account and set up your preferences.



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