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Lighthouse 360 is specifically designed for dental practices to help save time, boost production and build their online reputations. Take a demo today to see our award-winning features in action. On average, our clients report 40% fewer no-shows, 16 hours saved per week, 48% more reviews and 30% more production.

Lighthouse 360 automates your most repetitive daily tasks and communications so you and your staff can stay focused on the patients in your practice.


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"Lighthouse 360 is basically like my assistant. It does all the leg work for things I want to do that can be set up automatically. What I tell other offices is: do not hesitate. The program is amazing."

—Pecan Park Family Dentistry

"Lighthouse 360 has been a game changer for us. Our cancellation/no show rate is way down and most patients rave about the service."

—Peter J Schott, DMD

"Lighthouse has changed my practice almost instantly. We could not imagine going back to any other way of confirming appointments and keeping tabs on patient recall."

—Robert Martino, DDS

Jimmy Marciano

Jimmy Marciano is a Senior Trade Show Consultant for Lighthouse and a frequent speaker on the importance of Patient Communication at industry events such as the Hinman and CDA. He attends 35+ Dental Conferences throughout the year and has been at Lighthouse for 4.5 years.

Prior to this, he graduated from the W.P. Carey School of Business with a BS in Finance from Arizona State University. He is a homeowner in the Austin Area. Over the past 4.5 years, Jimmy has on boarded 1000+ dental practices. He is the Partner Manager for numerous strategic partnerships such as Dental Purchasing Group (DPG) and Mari’s List, to name a few.

Whitney Ehrlichman

Whitney Ehrlichman has been with Lighthouse for a little over 6 years. She is grateful for the opportunity to speak with practices every day and represent a product that minimizes the challenges of running an office day after day. When she is not traveling to different seminars and conferences, she enjoys spinning and relaxing with her dog, Steve.