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Membership Benefits

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ADMC members are often asked, “What is the benefit of belonging to the Academy? Here are just a few: The ability to interact with colleagues who truly understand your passion, commitments & the climate of the dental profession. Being a self-employed consultant can be a lonely experience & ADMC membership provides support no therapist possibly can. (Click here to download a Membership Application.)


ADMC website with regular updates & your own “personal page” that you can keep up to date and modify as it suits you.

The website also offers search feature for prospective clients & meeting planners to find you for their needs

The opportunity to call and CONSULT with a peer on any challenging client situation.

Access to the Academy’s webinar platform for delivery of educational and/or marketing content at no charge once per year or more frequently at a nominal charge,

Quarterly “A Step Above” newsletter on CD or download, which contains timely educational & informative topics from dental industry leaders as well as from our members.

All past issues of ASA are archived on the ADMC website for future reference.

Website “Knowledge Base” provides the forum to ask your peers a question that you would like assistance in answering for your clients…what works, what doesn’t work, how to handle specific situations and so much more. All questions are answered on our site and archived for future reference.


The ability to enhance your credibility with clients through their knowledge you gain as you network with your peers on a local, regional & national level.

The clout of the dental community knowing that you meet the membership standards and ethics commitment of the ADMC.


Provides the opportunity to participate in round table discussions to learn how peers manage their consulting businesses.

You will be supported & encouraged by everyone’s willingness to SHARE.

Keynote speakers that are in tune with the needs of your business, who teach, enlighten & help you grow your business in the direction you are looking for.

Opportunity to be a presenter at our annual meetings in front of well-respected dental industry leaders, meeting planners & corporate sponsors, which offers you great exposure.

No cost to attend annual meeting…it’s included in your annual dues. 2016 dues are as follows:

Full Membership: $895
Associate Membership: $895
Affiliate Membership: $716

CONTACT US: If you would like to discuss membership with our Executive Director, Bonnie Pugh, she can be reached at info@admc.net. Or you can contact our New Member Chairman Kay Huff at khuff@benco.com.




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