Benefits of Belonging to the ADMC


Benefits of Belonging to the ADMC

ADMC members are often asked,
“What is the benefit of belonging to the Academy?

Here are just a few: The ability to interact with colleagues who truly understand your passion, commitments and the climate of the dental profession. Being a self-employed consultant can be a lonely experience and ADMC membership provides support no therapist possibly can.

Access to Professional Resources

  • A Step Above” audio newsletter contains timely educational and informative topics from dental industry leaders and Academy members.
  • ADMC Webinar Educational Series through which industry experts educate members on current trends and business-related topics.
  • Collaborate with colleagues through the ADMC forum.  Ask your peers questions.  Network and build relationships.
  • ADMC website including your personal member listing webpage.
  • Participate in the ADMC private “Members Only” Facebook Group.
  • Access to the Academy’s webinar platform for delivery of educational and/or marketing content at no charge once per year or more frequently at a nominal charge.

ADMC Annual Meeting

Provides the opportunity to participate in round table discussions to learn how peers manage their consulting businesses.

You will be supported and encouraged by everyone’s willingness to SHARE.

Keynote speakers that are in tune with the needs of your business, who teach, enlighten and help you grow your business in the direction you are looking for.

Opportunity to be a presenter at our annual meetings in front of well-respected dental industry leaders, meeting planners and corporate sponsors, which offers you great exposure.

No cost to attend annual meeting…it’s included in your annual dues. The dues are as follows:

Full Membership: $895
Associate Membership: $716


If you would like to discuss membership with our Executive Director, Bonnie Pugh, she can be reached at

Or you can contact our New Member Chairman Laurie Owens at

Gain Credibility

The ability to enhance your credibility with clients through their knowledge you gain as you network with your peers on a local, regional & national level.

The clout of the dental community knowing that you meet the membership standards and ethics commitment of the ADMC.

leslie canham at ADMC meeting

The Camaraderie Stays Strong Throughout the Year

"I have received great value from my membership with ADMC. The annual meetings are always jam-packed with information I can take home and use right away. In addition to education, there are many networking opportunities. I have developed wonderful friendships with other members who are successful and want to help me succeed. The camaraderie remains strong throughout the year as members reach out to each other with questions and answers. I’m also excited about the new ADMC website with all the features to help me advance my career."
Leslie Canham

leslie canham at ADMC meeting

A "Must Do" If One Is Serious about Growing as a Consultant

"The Academy of Dental Management Consultants’ founder, Mr. Charlie Kidd approached dental consultants twenty plus years ago and outlined his dream of having an annual forum for consultants to gather for sharing ideas and strengthening the profession of dental consulting. Charlie passed away soon after ADMC started and left a void in the hearts of all who knew him, but his dream lived on. Thanks to Susan DiGiambattista, Executive Director and the outstanding board of ADMC, the Academy has grown to numbers that would have made Charlie proud. Today ADMC is the pre-meeting of the ADA that we all look forward to. The speakers, panelists, members, exhibitors and guests make the annual ADMC session a “must do” if one is serious about growing as a dental consultant and developing their own business along with their client practices."
Linda Miles

leslie canham at ADMC meeting

ADMC's Support of the Dental Consulting Community is Multi-Faceted

"The ADMC is an organization filled with knowledgeable, generous and enthusiastic consultants who specialize in dentistry. Its support of the dental consulting community is multi-faceted. Annual meetings have outstanding speakers and information sharing from the heart of each member present. The website gives an individual searching for dentistry’s best and brightest consultants, an easy threshold to cross. The recorded series, A Step Above, which is issued quarterly, is a rich resource for the consultant on the go. Thanks ADMC for making my life and my business more successful."
Laura Jamison


Definition of a Management Consultant

Dental Management Consultants are defined by the ADMC as those individuals who derive their primary income from providing any or all of the following services to the dental profession: management of advisory services, lecturing, consulting, marketing, financial analysis, practice transitions.



A. Guidelines for dealing with clients:

  • Maintain client confidentiality.
  • Required client disclosure: Income, finder’s fees or incentives derived from any product or service recommended to the client will be fully disclosed in advance.
  • Have high standards, display integrity and be honest towards each assignment. Never compromise quality for quantity in your work.

B. Guidelines for dealing with other consultants:

  • We will not use a colleague's material, seminar or workbook titles without permission. Material shared will be identified, and its source properly credited to clients.
  • Members are encouraged to maintain a sense of caring and help towards each other.
  • We encourage every consultant to advise a client who is actively working with another consultant to disclose their desire to change.