ADMC Educational Series: Dental Cash Flow for Dummies (Rick Willeford, CPA)

How come your doc’s P&L says he made a lot of profit last year-but he doesn’t have any money?!? Wouldn’t it be great if YOU could be the hero and take the voodoo out of this mumbo jumbo-and quickly?

This webinar will help you unlock the secrets in the financials-without a lot of work and with no real accounting knowledge.

So let’s have some fun and unravel the mysteries….

Course Objectives:

  • Learn why most CPA financial statements are so useless
  • Understand the difference between Cash Flow vs Accounting “Profit”
  • Quickly Unlock the Secrets in your client’s finances
  • Turn QB into a management tool and not wait for the CPA for months
  • Know the 6 numbers that control real overhead and track them-in minutes