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Your clients benefit from a robust set of features that make running their practice easier, including charting, scheduling, imaging, billing, payment processing, reporting, business intelligence, data management, and much more. For example, Curve GRO™ ensures seamless patient communications because patient records and communications are in one database — Curve Hero. Practices can communicate with patients how and when they want by easily customizing their appointment and recare reminders, two-way texting and self-scheduling. Patients can also self-schedule with Curve GRO. There are no servers to manage, and reliable hosting and continuous backup at a top-tier Amazon data center ensures the security, accessibility and integrity of patient data.

Our brilliantly designed interface makes it easy for any new team member or temp to learn and use regardless of their practice management experience. Staffing is a lot easier because with Curve’s true anywhere access, your clients can hire back office staff no matter where they live.

We invite you to partner with us and earn referral income while also helping your clients. We offer you the opportunity to diversify your product offering while partnering with an industry leader that proudly supports over 41,000 dental professionals who use Curve Hero.

To learn more about our Envoy program and get started, please contact Jonathan Karren at

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Jonathan Karren is the Director of Partners and Channels at Curve Dental. He has spent the past six years working with over 1800 practices and hundreds of partners and influencers within the dental industry. Jonathan enjoys learning as much as possible about his customers’ business so he can help practices find the best software to automate workflows and reduce time spent on administrative tasks.

If you would like to learn about the Curve Dental Envoy Program, please contact some time to chat!


Provider Testimonials

"Curve Hero is intuitive, beautiful, and fast. The software has improved nearly every aspect of managing my dental office. The scheduler, patient chart, billing, and other modules are streamlined and easy to use. The Sidekick keeps all patient data very organized and quickly accessible. However, the biggest improvement that Curve Hero has brought to my office is the ability to stay more organized and efficient. Curve Hero has an excellent patient recare system and the ability to create a huge variety of custom reports. We can very quickly set up and run custom reports for unfiled insurance claims, unscheduled treatment, pending lab cases, patients that weren't checked out properly, or anything else that needs to be monitored regularly for the health of the practice. These reports and the business insights have given me a lot more control over my business."

–Dr. Jason Streeter
Streeter Dental

"There are so many things we love about Curve you don't get with other software products.  It's accessible from anywhere; and as someone with multiple practices, being able to see them on one database is extremely valuable to us.  Curve's customer service is top-notch and can be reached anytime if our team members need help (and this is not an additional charge like other software companies).  We all know what the investment in new hires means and with the Curve Community providing step by step "how to's" and the readily available webinars, Curve is able to train new hires on the software for us!  We are able to submit suggestions and they are listened to and implemented.  Whether you are a single practice or have multiple locations, I highly recommend Curve Hero.  We converted to Curve 5 years ago and couldn't be happier with the decision!"

–Ashley Smith
Orchard Dental

"Curve is very easy to use and very user-friendly. Navigating through the program is manageable for even the least computer-savvy person. When we train a new staff member, I never worry about teaching them the program because it is so easy to teach."

–Jeanne Duran
Sonshine Family Dental

"Curve Hero allows for me as a practice owner to not worry about HIPAA violations, data loss, or server crashes. Instead, I can handle all of my practice functions in the front office and back office efficiently and co–ncentrate on taking care of patients."

–Brandon Bennett
Eldon Family Dentistry