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The numbers speak for themselves - 47% of American adults polled in 2018 were unable to cover an emergency expense of $4001. 40% of respondents skipped treatment or a medical test because of an inability to afford treatment1 and over 25% of respondents had their medical bills handed over to a collection agency*. Enter ClearGage. ClearGage, LLC is revolutionizing the way healthcare providers do business with their consumer-centric healthcare payment technology.

That being said, out-of-pocket dental expenses and patient deductibles have risen immensely in the past two decades. Patients are having a difficult time paying for insurance to maintain their dental health with routine appointments. The bottom line is that it’s getting harder for patients to pay for their care.

ClearGage’s mission is to help practices enhance the quality of life for patients when they need help the most by providing ethical, flexible payment solutions, regardless of a patient’s creditworthiness. A patient shouldn’t have to worry about the added financial stress of paying for unforeseen dental complications.  

By offering innovative healthcare payment solutions that are HIPAA and PCI compliant, ClearGage is doing its part to bring proven retail payment solutions to dentistry while simplifying the calculation and collection of patient payments.

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*Americans’ Views of Healthcare Costs, Coverage, and Policy, Issue Brief, NORC at the University of Chicago, 2018.

ClearGage for Dental Practices
ClearGage makes it easy for patients to pay their bills online.

With Mobile QuickPayTM, patients can schedule and automatically pay from their smartphone or tablet. QuickPay offers secure messaging via text and/or email. Patients can view their bill, click to pay in full or to set up a payment plan, all from their personal device. No more waiting for checks or credit card payment forms. AutoPayTM automatically schedules payments and sends patient notifications. Plus, patients are alerted via text or email before a scheduled payment is run.


ClearGage understands that a patient’s health comes first and foremost. That's why we offer access to patient financing where every patient qualifies* while providing dentists and administrators with a new revenue stream via customizable product offerings, making their practice/business more profitable, efficient and successful. And, dentists have the option to get paid upfront or collect payments over time.

We satisfy the rising need for innovative payment solutions with revenue-cycle technology that is efficient and patient-friendly that are capable of reducing bad debt and days sales outstanding (DSO).

ClearGage is here to improve the life of patients and practices alike.

*Patient must have driver’s license, social security number and 2 unique forms of payment.

Client Testimonials

“We’re processing payments through ClearGage, cash or credit/debit, and we’re liking it because it’s efficient, we like what it does, and there are no connection problems.”


“ClearGage is amazing! The customer support, ease of use and the reporting are amazing!”


“Joanne has ALWAYS been so understanding, helpful and courteous whenever I have called! Customer Service is top notch!!!”


“Nellie was the most kind person I ever dealt with in the financial industry. She was understanding, compassionate and fantastic!”


“Jennifer is a Super Star! She answered all my questions and helped me understand everything better. She didn’t just answer my questions, she also provided me several helpful hints, that I didn’t know existed. She is my savior! She was attentive, very helpful and fabulous! I just wanted you to know what a great employee you have.”


“Jennifer, YOU are the BEST!! Once again, thank you sooooo much for all of your support today. In my panicked moment, you helped me see that everything is ok and will work out just perfectly!

You were patient and were able to interpret my garbled questions. You took the time to teach me and went the extra mile to get me helpful information I didn't even know I needed. Your quick response to my email, proactive outreach to me via phone, and then recollection of all of my questions when I was eventually able to call you back was so impressive! On top of it all, in a blink of an eye you resolved an issue our office didn't know could be changed.

My sincerest, warmest, most heartfelt ‘thanks!’ go out to you!”


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