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CareCredit Practice Development Managers spend their days in practices, on the phone, and online, helping teams who accept the CareCredit healthcare credit card learn how to have positive and effective financial conversations with patients. 

A Practice Development Manager’s focus is to work with the doctor and team and in conjunction with the team’s consultant or coach, to help them get the most out of the CareCredit program and relationship, which includes connecting them to proven ideas, insights, and tools. 

These highly trained professionals may provide assistance at the most fundamental level – helping the team strategically place CareCredit information in the practice and on their website, and optimize their free listing on CareCredit’s online Provider Locator. Or they may be discussing more advanced topics such as communications skills to help patients overcome barriers to care and how to use CareCredit reports to help improve practice performance.

We’ve found that good things happen when a trusted consultant, like you, invites a Practice Development Manager into a client practice to show your clients how to get even more value from CareCredit.  Or, when you ask them to deliver one of the free resources available such as the popular Ideas In Practice: Overcoming Cost as a Barrier to Care Kit.

Have a client who may benefit from a Practice Development Manager visit or could use some free resources? Just give us a call. 

To request your FREE resources, call your Practice Development Team at 800-859-9975, option 1, then 6.

Yet to add CareCredit? Call 800-300-3046, option 5 to get started.

Sameer of CareCredit

Sameer Bhasin, Vice President of Strategic Alliances at CareCredit, is responsible for working with dentistry’s key opinion leaders and educators to gather the latest insights and trends. Previously, Mr. Bhasin held positions as a CareCredit Practice Development Manager and Regional Sales Manager where he acquired more than a decade of front line practice experience. He holds both a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Business and an MBA in Healthcare Administration.

To get connected with a CareCredit Practice Development Manager, simply contact Sameer at


Because families have many financial wants and needs – from tuition to travel – it’s not surprising a recent survey found 25% of people have not saved any money for an unexpected expense and 40% have less than $400 set aside.1

When dentistry is an unplanned or out-of-pocket investment, offering patients promotional financing through the CareCredit healthcare credit card may make it easier for them to fit care into their family budget and get the treatment they need.

Visit our booth to find out how CareCredit can help practices help more patients make healthy smiles a priority.

1 Federal Report on the Economic Well-Being of U.S. Households in 2017. (May 2018)

Provider Testimonials

"The ability to do what I need online without having to take the time to call in is such a timesaver. I really love the CareCredit Direct option as well!"

—Kristina O.

"Several times we have had patients that have needed additional treatment and have been able to get the patients credit line increased allowing patients to get the treatment they need done and allowing them to keep the cost in their budget."

—Whitney H.

"We see so many people who wouldn't be able to get the dental care they need without the option of 12 month [promotional] financing. And we can't finance in-office, so being able to walk them through financing with CareCredit gets a lot more patients on our schedule."

—Erin H.

"When people find out we accept [the CareCredit credit card], they call to make appointments even if they do not have insurance."

—Rhonda L.

"The treatment acceptance rate is improved with the manageable [monthly] payment[.] The ability to collect up front and begin treatment right away allows us to keep our schedule full and benefit financially as well."

—Kristina O.

"Jim (our representative) visits us once a quarter with new updates & products (iPads) that patients can use to apply here in office opposed to completing an application [at home or with staff assistance.]"

—Kenyada A.

Patient Testimonials

"CareCredit allowed me to be able to give my daughter what she so desperately wanted – her smile."

—Michelle K.

"If it was not for the special financing that CareCredit offers, I would have had to put the medical expense on a high interest credit card."

—Maudie F.