ADMC Educational Series: Book Publishing for Lead Generation & Building Brands (Robbin Simons)

  • 5 Critical steps in self-publishing
  • 5 ways to write your own book fast!
  • Core elements of a LEAD GENERATING book (This is very different from your standard, everyday book and I will explain why during the presentation)
  • The 5 critical elements that work together to move you into GLOBAL VISIBILITY & establish YOU as the go-to trusted expert in your field

We see it all the time – Entrepreneurs who spend hours, weeks, and months working day in and day out to build their subscriber lists and promote their business, but STILL aren’t making any money. But here’s the thing – what worked yesterday isn’t working today. Social media and email marketing have over-saturated the market and your potential clients are becoming numb to online ads and promotions. Let’s face it – it’s hard to become known as an expert in your field and establish the kind of credibility it takes to grow and sustain a profitable business!! Until now…

There is no other tool that’s better at generating qualified leads, growing your business, and positioning you as an expert all at the same time, than a published book. Book authoring is the NEW COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE for entrepreneurs.