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“There must be a better way to handle this…”

A thought your dental office managers may have had when trying to deal with all the various internal forms and documents used in their practices?

Well, they’re not alone.  If your clients’ practices are like most that we’ve encountered, the way they communicate with their providers and staff is a less-than-effective mix of sending (and receiving) emails and texts, passing out hard copies, posting notices on bulletin boards, giving verbal instructions, leaving voice mail, etc.

There’s a much better way to make sure everyone in the practice has access to everything they need, all the time.  And it’s surprisingly affordable!  We can build an Internal Practice Online Resource Room that can contain every piece of information they’d like to make available, even restricting access to certain documents to specific groups within the practice.  The Practice Manager can even allow other authorized people to upload documents to the Resource Room (i.e Human Resource Director can upload HR forms).

It couldn’t be any easier -

All the Manager needs to do to add a new document to the Resource Room is to log in, go to the desired folder, and drag-and-drop the document file.  It’ll become immediately available to everyone who has permission to view that folder, and an automatic instant message will be sent advising them of the availability of the new document! No more need to follow up to make sure everyone got the latest copy of a document…. because they did!


Computer system security is a never-ending, ever-changing pursuit.  We’ve endeavored to make the Resource Room contents available to only the user accounts that the Practice Administrator creates – accounts that can be disabled if necessary in a single click. The Resource Room will provide far greater security than whatever your practices are probably using right now!!

Typical documents to place in Resource Room
  • Insurance Forms
  • Reimbursement Forms
  • 401(k) Enrollment
  • Health Plan Summaries
  • Insurance Claim Forms
  • Emergency Contact Forms
  • Direct Deposit Forms
  • W-4 Forms
  • Practice Newsletters
  • Employee Surveys
  • Office Calendars
  • Staff Directories
  • Vacation Schedules
  • On-Call Schedules
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Meeting Agendas
  • Employee Policies
  • Training Materials
  • Patient Form Masters
  • Patient Handout Masters
  • You’ll think of more…

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To learn more about how A Place for Everything can make your managers’ lives easier, please visit our website at or contact us and we’ll send you more information! You can also view a demo right here!

Carolyn Baruch

Jeff Baruch

About A Place for Everything

Carolyn and Jeff Baruch are the principals of The Highland Group, LLC, a developer of Medical and Dental Websites. Founded in 2000, their clients include several hundred medical and dental practices, hospitals, practice manager associations, independent physician associations and health care product suppliers. 

Most recently, Jeff and Carolyn developed a new division of the company, A Place for Everything. This online internal practice Resource Room program allows practice managers to store and make available practice documents to all employees, assigning permissions as needed to individuals or groups and automatically notifying each user when new document are added. The Resource Room is for practice personnel only (not for patients), and runs completely independent of the practice website.

They also have developed and currently maintain market-leading on-line physician, dentist and health care directories in several cities, and have presented programs to various regional and national healthcare associations.

Carolyn has a clinical background, having spent 12 years on staff at a Chicago-area community hospital prior to the startup of the Highland Group. She has been the spokesperson for her firm in many newspaper articles and on NBC-TV, and manages the Sales and Customer Service departments for the company.

Jeff comes from a background in printing and graphic arts, having managed large departments and owned several graphics companies in the Chicago area for over 20 years. After moving into website development, he has led the design and production areas of the Highland Group and A Place for Everything since its inception.

Provider Testimonials

"The ability to do what I need online without having to take the time to call in is such a timesaver. I really love the CareCredit Direct option as well!"

—Kristina O.

"Several times we have had patients that have needed additional treatment and have been able to get the patients credit line increased allowing patients to get the treatment they need done and allowing them to keep the cost in their budget."

—Whitney H.

"We see so many people who wouldn't be able to get the dental care they need without the option of 12 month [promotional] financing. And we can't finance in-office, so being able to walk them through financing with CareCredit gets a lot more patients on our schedule."

—Erin H.